One-Stop PCB Assembly Service

PCB Assembly Service
  • Chips Pulse is a professional PCB Assembly company. We have our own PCBA factory with 8 production lines at Shenzhen. if you have any PCB or PCBA needs, please contact us! we offer a list of high-quality printed circuit board assembly services :
    • One-Stop Fabrication and Assembly: A turnkey start-to-finish solution meets all your needs.
    • Multiple PCB Assembly Services: SMT, THT, Mixed Assembly, Package on Package (POP), Rigid PCBs, Flex PCBs, etc.
    • Flexible Volume Assembly Alternatives: Prototypes, low volume, high volume — we do it all.
    • Parts Sourcing: We have years of experience and stable relationships with authorized electronic components manufacturers, so you always get real, quality parts. All parts go through 100 percent quality inspection.
    • Comprehensive Quality Assurance: From visual inspection to AOI and X-ray inspection, we take quality control very seriously and test everything rigorously for functionality and quality.
    • High Efficiency, Low Cost: You'll appreciate the value of our added free services, like our Valor DFM/DFA check and expert professional design assistance.
    • Professional Engineering Team: We're highly qualified and dedicated to the success of your project, allowing you to start with optimized designs and giving you a better chance to meet project deadlines.
  • Prototype PCB Assembly

    Chips Pulse offers custom PCB prototype assembly service to go along with our high-quality fabrication and component procurement services.
    This includes fast, affordable prototype assembly where we take your unique PCB designs, prepare them for the assembly process and perform comprehensive testing to ensure they meet your precise performance requirements.

    Turnkey PCB Assembly

    The term "turnkey" generally refers to any product or service that is sold to the buyer in a form that is ready for immediate use
    As one of quality-focused PCB Assembly manufacturer, Chips Pulse has extensive experience in providing fast, reliable turnkey PCB assembly services . now we have supply services for more than 5,000 companies around the world. Our single-source approach saves you time and money, while also ensuring more reliable, consistent results than when dealing with several suppliers.

  • High-Volume Or Low-Volume PCB Assembly

    While we cater to the needs of High-Volume PCB assembly with competitive price , we also accept Low-Volume PCB assembly. This is because we have 8 assembly lines and can easily modify product requirements and assembly line specifications in a short time, we provide you with Low-Volume PCB Assembly services at a cost that perfectly suits your budget.

    Consignment PCB Assembly

    Most of our cooperative companies choose to take advantage of our complete turnkey assembly service where we take care of all manufacturing, component sourcing and assembly, we also recognize that some of our clients may prefer to provide some or all of their own parts. That's why also offer consigned and partial consigned PCB assembly services.

  • More Personalized Service

    Of course, while we are providing the above services, it is possible that we still do not fully meet your needs, so please contact our customers via email or tel and we will provide more personalized services.
    PCB Assembly Service Email: [email protected]
    PCB Assembly Service Tel: +86 (755) 8450 7049

PCB Service
  • Standard PCB

    Standard PCB service refers to full feature printed circuit board manufacturing service. With extensive experience in PCB fabrication, we have handled more than 5,000 PCB projects , and covered almost all kinds of substrate materials including FR4, Aluminum, Rogers, etc. if you need more special technical information about standard PCB service, please submit standard pcb quote or contact us.

    SMT Stencil

    Chips Pulse manufactures solder paste stencils to meet SMT requirements.
    Stencils, also called SMT stencils, play a key role in transferring accurate amount of solder paste to correct positions on bare circuit boards ready for assembly. In other words, stencils can fast and efficiently ensure the most accurate solder paste amount and optimal electrical connection. With solder stencils, it is possible to use metal squeegee blades to apply solder paste easily over the openings on PCBs and make stencil to be well aligned with the surface of the advanced circuit board.


    High density interconnect (HDI) PCBs represent one of the fastest-growing segments of the PCB market.
    Because of its higher circuitry density, the HDI technology can incorporate finer lines and spaces, smaller vias and capture pads, and higher connection pad densities. A high-density PCB features blind and buried vias and often contains microvias that are .006 in diameter or even less.


    As PCB technology has continued to evolve, it has paved the way for the creation of a host of exciting product innovations.
    A prime example is the development of the PCB for LED lighting. The LED is soldered to the circuit board and features a chip that produces the light when electrically connected. A thermal heat sink and a ceramic base are used to bond the chip.

  • More PCB Service

    AS a company with extensive experience in PCB , Chips Pulse also offer Flexible PCB,Aluminum PCB,Flexible PCB,Rigid Flex PCB,High Frequency PCB,Heavy Copper PCB,High-Tg PCB,Halogen-Free PCB etc. please contact us to get more information

    PCB Service Email: [email protected]
    PCB Service Tel: +86 (755) 8450 7049

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Our Factory

    Chips Pulse has been committed to becoming a high-reliability multi-layer board manufacturer. We have invested in the construction of 8 production lines to provide customers with expedited services. The on-time delivery rate of samples has reached 99.95%; at the same time, we have passed ISO9001, ISO14001, IATF16949, UL , CQC, REACH, GB-T29490 and other full series of quality management system, environmental management system and intellectual property management system certifications;
     Through strict process control, data-based control and visual control of the independently developed MES system to achieve high-reliability product delivery . we provide customers with high reliability and short delivery services. Thousands of customers around the world have given us high praise. if you want to visit our factory, please contact us immediately.